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Blaser R8 Rimfire conversion system, now available in five calibers!

Blaser announces a new, broad range of alternatives for the R8 Rimfire caliber conversion system: your R8 straight-pull rifle can now be converted to...

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Winchester Xpert, the rimfire bolt-action rifle

SHOT Show 2022 - Winchester introduces the Xpert bolt-action rifle in .22 Long Rifle: an accurate, lightweight, versatile and budget-priced new entry...

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Umarex introduces the AirSaber Elite X2 double-barrel PCP arrow rifle

SHOT Show 2022 - The US-based branch of Umarex introduces the AirSaber pre-compressed pneumatic double-barrel air rifle, capable or propelling arrows...

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Smith & Wesson Volunteer XV series of AR-15 rifles

SHOT Show 2022 - Smith & Wesson introduces the Volunteer line of 5.56x45mm semi-automatic rifles: six new AR-15 variants, upgraded with some of the...

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SHOT Show 2022: Sabatti goes all-in with new products!

SHOT Show 2022 – Sabatti debuts a broad line of new products on the US market

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Bushmaster introduces the BA30 straight-pull rifle

Bushmaster announces the "quickest bolt-action rifle on the market rifle": the BA30 is a straight-pull design for PRS competition and precision long-...

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Springfield Armory introduces the Hellion semi-automatic bull-pup rifle

Springfield Armory announces the 5.56mm Hellion semi-automatic bull-pup rifle, a civilian version of the Croatian HS Produkt VHS-2K assault carbine...

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SIG Sauer MCX SPEAR .277 Fury semi-automatic rifle

SIG Sauer announces the availability of a first production run special edition of the MCX SPEAR semi-automatic rifle, chambered in .277 Fury: the...

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