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MantisX training system – the best just got better

First showcased at the 2017 edition of the SHOT Show, the revolutionary MantisX firearms training system has recently been upgraded with a wide...

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Colt Defense M4 Classic Series

The Colt Defense M4 "Classic Series" gives civilian shooters a chance to get ahold of the standard issue M4A1 carbine and of the Delta Force's own...

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SIG SAUER M17/M18 Pistols go operative

Today the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) became the first unit to field the U.S. Army’s new SIG Sauer M17 and M18 Modular Handgun System...

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Nosler chooses RSI Inc. for European Sales Representation

Nosler, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bullets, cartridge brass, ammunition and rifles has announced that it has signed an agreement...

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Pedersoli Lyman Sharps 1878, Special Edition

The German Waffen Ferkinghoff company is an EU importer and distributor representative of American weapons and specialties, and is now expanding...

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New Meprolight X3 magnifying day scope

At next Milipol 2017 show in Paris, this month, Meprolight will present a new version of the X3 magnifying scope. The MEPRO MX3-T features a new...

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Springfield Armory SAINT AR-15 pistol

The Springfield Armory SAINT AR-15 pistol is a stockless, short-barrel variant of the SAINT rifle equipped with an armbrace and an M-LOK handguard...

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