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Sightmark RAM Ultra Shot line of reflex sights

Sightmark revamps the popular Ultra Shot line of reflex sights with the launch of the RAM series: the R-Spec, A-Spec and M-Spec models come with...

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Industry Shooting Platform, the 2018 meeting

Second meeting of the Industry Shooting Platform (ISP) held on May 15 in Munich

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Remington successfully emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Remington has significantly reduced its debt and interest expense load, starting a plan to revitalize its activities

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New Winchester Deer Season XP ammunition in .25-06 Remington and .450 Bushmaster

Winchester Deer Season XP hunting ammunition line grows this year with the addition of the classic .25-06 Remington and the increasingly popular ....

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Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact series pistols now available with 3.6" barrel

Smith & Wessons announces an important expansion of the M&P M2.0 Compact series of pistols, now including shorter 3.6-inch (9,1 cm) barrel...

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CZ TSR bolt-action tactical sniper rifle

Introducing the CZ TSR bolt-action long-range rifle: a 7,62mm/.308 caliber rifle, redesigned from the ground up on a lightweight aluminum alloy...

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