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Springfield Armory introduces the SAINT Edge Pistol

Springfield Armory's new SAINT Edge Pistol in 5.56mm combines the most popular features of the SAINT Edge rifle with the compact shootability of a...

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Industry Shooting Platform: a position paper

In view of the forthcoming ISSF Presidency elections...

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Browning BAR Mk3 Composite Brown HC Adjustable hunting rifle

Success never comes by chance: the new Browning BAR Mk3 Composite Brown HC Adjustable semi-automatic rifle was conceived as the ultimate tool for...

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Kite Optics KSP HD2 1-6x24i variable hunting riflescope

Kite Optics – a brand of the Browning International group – offers the KSP HD2 1-6x24i variable riflescope: a reliable alternative for short-to-...

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The new 429 Desert Eagle cartridge

Move over, .50 AE! Here comes the 429 Desert Eagle, a new bottleneck cartridge developed by Magnum Research and manufactured by HSM Ammunition...

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Browning X-Bolt Pro Long Range rifle, for precision hunting

The new Browning X-Bolt Pro Long Range rifle offers to hunters long-distance accuracy. Available in eight different popular calibers for extended...

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NSSF: civil lawsuit open for Google AdWords and AdSense discrimination against gun-related businesses

Do you run a business in the United States that has been stopped from using Google AdWords/AdSense for being gun-related? A class action civil...

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