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Leica Tempus ASPH Red Dot sight

The Tempus ASPH is Leica's first red dot sight: a compact and lightweight aiming device, it offers the exceptional optical and build quality that...

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Goodbye, Gunny: R. Lee Ermey dead at 74

Ronald Lee Ermey, retired USMC sergeant and well known actor of "Full Metal Jacket" fame, died at 74 on Sunday morning in Santa Monica, CA

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Smith & Wesson launches the SW22 Victory Target model pistol

New from Smith & Wesson for 2nd quarter 2018, the SW22 Victory Target semi-automatic pistol in .22 Long Rifle rimfire caliber offers features...

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Kimar Blank and Signal Guns

Blank, Signal and Alarm guns represent an important business line for the KIMAR company, one of the brands belonging to the Chiappa Firearms group...

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Caldwell Pic Rail XLA Fixed Bipod

Caldwell Shooting Supplies – a Battenfeld Technologies, Inc. brand – offers the XLA line of bipods with two versions equipped with a Picatinny...

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Taurus 1911 Commander and Officer pistols

Taurus boosts its PT-1911 line of semi-automatic single-action pistols with the launch of the new 1911 "Commander" and 1911 "Officer" models:...

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4 Stable Stick, the versatile all-purpose hunting rifle sticks

Manufactured in France and developed in close collaboration with a team of seasoned hunters, the 4 Stable Stick line of hunting rifle supports are...

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New Feinwerkbau 2800 .22 LR sport shooting carbine

ISSF competition shooters worldwide, rejoice! The...

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