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Sport Systeme Dittrich BD 38: the "Schmeisser" is back!

The forerunner of the iconic MP 40 sub-machine gun is back in a collector's grade, made-as-new semi-automatic closed-bolt version that would be...

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Troubles ahead for the 2017 IPSC Rifle World Shoot

Firearms United received news from some countries that could prevent European shooters from attending the first...

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Caldwell Ultra Portable Target Stand Kit

With the Caldwell's Ultra Portable Target Stand Kit, outdoor shooters have a practical solution to set their targets at their own will, on...

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VIDEO: Erik Prince talks at the Oxford Union Society

A video with an Erik Prince quite different from the one we were used to know when he was in the lead of Blackwater. Today, as a businessman, he...

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Olight H1R Nova flashlight

The Olight H1R Nova is a super-lightweight and extremely compact 600 lumen flashlight, ideal for many sport uses, including sport shooters and...

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Colt announces the new Cobra double-action revolver

First showcased at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the new Colt Cobra double-action compact revolver is finally available for commercial sales...

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Taurus 85 Defender: a classic for personal defense

The Taurus 85 Defender revolver in .38 Special is one of the mainstays of the Brazilian gun maker, a top-seller for concealed carry in the U.S. It...

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Pete Brownell elected NRA President

Pete Brownell – CEO of Brownells, Inc. – is the new President of the National Rifle Association of America, The election has arrived following the...

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