Sabatti Rover rifles



Sako 90: a new line of bolt-action hunting rifles

Sako, a Beretta Holding company, introduces the Sako 90 line of bolt-action rifles, available in seven variants, four barrel lengths and eleven...

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The Remington Model 783 entry-level rifle is back

First introduced back in 2013, the budget-priced Remington Model 783 bolt-action rifle returns under the RemArms brand in three variants and eight...

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Sauer introduces the S101 Elegance and S101 Highland XTA bolt-action hunting rifles

Sauer expands the S101 line of bolt-action hunting rifle with two new models: the Highland XTA, featuring a silent and comfortable black polymer Ergo...

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.222 and .223 Remington are back!

After temporary absence from the Sabatti catalog, two very popular calibers are back again: the .222 and .223 Remington

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SIG Sauer MCX-SPEAR, the semi-automatic version

One year after the launch of a limited edition on the US market, SIG Sauer announces the introduction of the MCX-SPEAR rifle, a civilian version of...

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Savage Arms introduces the Impulse Driven Hunter straight-pull hunting rifle

Savage Arms announces a new entry in their wildly successful Impulse line of straight-pull rifles: the Driven Hunter model is available in four...

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HERA Arms H6: a bolt-action rifle, different

HERA Industries introduces the HERA Arms H6, a modern .223 Remington / 5.56x45mm bolt-action, side-feeding rifle engineered for maximum flexibility...

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Smith & Wesson M&P FPC folding pistol-caliber carbine

Smith & Wesson releases the M&P FPC 9mm Luger semi-automatic, pistol-caliber folding carbine: a new and enticing alternative for home and property...

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