Chiappa Firearms introduces the Little Badger TDX Takedown Xtreme .22 Long Rifle single-shot carbine

SHOT Show 2023 – New from Chiappa Firearms, the single-shot Little Badger TDX rimfire survival carbine easily breaks down in two components for more...

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POF Tombstone, the 21st Century lever-action rifle

SHOT Show 2023 – Patriot Ordnance Factory showcased the Tombstone 9mm Luger lever-action carbine, a modern take on the most classic utility rifle...

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Springfield Armory SAINT Victor 9mm: a new AR-15 based pistol-caliber carbine

Springfield Armory debuts its first Pistol Caliber Carbine: the SAINT Victor 9mm is an AR-15 styled semi-automatic PCC chambered in 9 Luger and...

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Strasser RS 700 straight-pull rifles

With the Strasser RS 700 line, the well known Austrian manufacturer of high-end straight-pull rifles presents three rifles based on the Strasser...

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Savage Arms 110 Carbon Predator: a new lightweight hunting rifle

The new Savage Arms 110 Carbon Predator bolt-action rifle turns the hunter into the hunted with its granite-textured lightweight AccuFit polymer...

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UTAS UT912 PCC range test

Typically associated with the production of low price shotguns, turkish weapon manufacturers enter the popular and prolific market of PCCs with this...

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Steyr Monobloc ARMAD: a new hunting rifle... built like a tank!

Steyr Arms announces a limited edition of the Steyr Monobloc bolt-action hunting rifle: the new Monobloc ARMAD, chambered in .270 Winchester, will be...

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Savage Arms Impulse Mountain Hunter straight-pull lightweight hunting rifle

The highly regarded Savage arms Impulse line of straight-pull rifles expands with the launch of the Mountain Hunter model, built around a polymer...

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