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Hogue introduces the new EX-A05 automatic knives

Hogue Knives introduces a new line of utility and defensive automatic knives: the EX-A05, an automatic opening variant of the Hogue X5 folding...

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Maxpedition AGR Lithvore backpack

The Maxpedition Lithvore is an all-around backpack, the latest entry in the Advanced Gear Research line of Maxpedition's top-end products

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VIDEO: Firearms United interviews Mario Kneringer (IPSC Austria)

Do you remember the ordeal of the many European IPSC...

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LabRadar: the future of ballistic chronographs

Manufactured in Canada, the LabRadar is a cutting-edge ballistic chronograph based on a Doppler radar technology – a real breakthrough in its...

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Molot KO-SVT semi-automatic rifle: the Tokarev is back!

Collectors and gun historians, rejoice: the Molot Arms company offers the KO-SVT, a modern-day replica of the 7,62x54R caliber rifle designed by...

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ArmBrace Type G1: an Easy-Go stock for the Glock!

Austrian engineer Wilhelm Bubits introduces his Type G1 ArmBrace: a well designed, solidly built stabilizing platform that provides increased...

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Czech Republic's complaint against EU gun ban is ready

Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec has already completed the text of his Country's complaint against the recently amended European firearms...

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