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An online magazine dedicated to information about guns and shooting activities, for a better understanding and responsible approach to the gun world and its rules.


We do not sell firearms online

GUNSweek.com is a new online magazine dedicated to the diffusion of technical knowledge in the gun world. Nonetheless, there is nothing really new in it.

In fact, GUNSweek.com comes out of many years of very specific, professional observation of the gun media world, as a natural evolution of the experiences made with other editorial projects developed during the last 15 years, trying to improve.

GUNSweek.com aims to achieve a better communication between shooters and gun enthusiasts and the Industry that moves around them, in an ever more stimulating market. That is why GUNSweek.com develops a more effective set of communication tools, with a higher level of satisfaction for the users.

GUNSweek.com is a Web-based project, because it is through the Internet that the information feeds, more than ever, our daily interests. Yet, GUNSweek.com contents are identified in a way that maintains an effective connection between different generations of readers, gun owners and shooters.


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