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Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle

SHOT Show 2018 – Plinkers, rimfire target shooters, leisure shooters and basically any gun enthusiast worth of this name out there will now have one...

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Caracal Enhanced F

SHOT Show 2018 – Are they finally ready for the prime time? After a troublesome history – at least on the north American market – the Caracal pistols...

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New Beretta APX pistol variants

SHOT Show 2018 – New variants for the striker fired pistol Beretta APX

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IWI Tavor 7

SHOT Show 2018 – The 7.62x51mm/.308 Winchester caliber version of the Israeli bullpup service rifle, first launched on the military and law...

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Walther PPQ M2 Q4 and PPQ M2 Q4 TAC

SHOT Show 2018 – Sport shooting, tactical shooting, service, defense, professional applications: the new Walther PPQ M2 Q4 has got all the bases...

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Smith & Wesson Model 686 and Model 686 Plus

SHOT Show 2018 – The new Model 686 and 686 Plus revolvers, purpose-built for competition, joined the Performance Center line of Smith & Wesson...

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Winchester Deer Season XP Rifle and Deer Season Copper Impact

SHOT Show 2018 – Winchester Ammunition introduces several new loads in their Deer Season line of rifle ammunition: available in some of the most...

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Taurus Raging Hunter

SHOT Show 2018 – The Taurus line of long-barrel big-bore revolvers is enhanced this year by the launch of the new all-black or bi-tone Taurus Raging...

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