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Taurus Multitasker Twist, the multitool pen

The new Taurus Multitasker Twist is a pocket sized multitool ideal whenever yoo need to perform on-the-go adjustments at the range

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Luciano Rossi is the new ISSF President

Luciano Rossi, the President of the Italian Clay Target Shooting Federation (FITAV), has been elected as the new executive committee president of ...

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KJI Precision K700 and K800 tripods, for precision shooting

The KJI Precision K700 and K800 tripods are dedicated to precision shooting with rifles, used for sport shooting specialties like the PRS, in...

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Extrema Ratio 25 years: S-THIL "Black Warfare" Special Edition

On its 25th anniversary, Extrema Ratio presents the new integral, fixed blade S-THIL knife, here in “Black Warfare” special edition

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Fiocchi Munizioni purchased by Czechoslovak Group

The Prague-based CSG - Czechoslovak Group announces the acquisition of a majority stake in Fiocchi Munizioni: another sizable chunk of the Italian...

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UTAS UT912 PCC range test

Typically associated with the production of low price shotguns, turkish weapon manufacturers enter the popular and prolific market of PCCs with this...

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Extrema Ratio 25 years: Misericordia "Black Warfare" Limited Edition

On its 25th anniversary Extrema Ratio presents a limited edition 500 pieces only version of the famous Misericordia model adopted by 4th Alpine...

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Steyr Monobloc ARMAD: a new hunting rifle... built like a tank!

Steyr Arms announces a limited edition of the Steyr Monobloc bolt-action hunting rifle: the new Monobloc ARMAD, chambered in .270 Winchester, will be...

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