VIDEO: CZ Shadow 2 competition pistol

Officially introduced at IWA 2016, the new CZ Shadow 2 competition pistol has been designed on the basis of extensive experience and ...

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Pardini All in One: 1 pistol for 3 events

The Italian top sport gun manufacturer Pardini Armi celebrates its first 40 years of activity presenting several new products, including a new...

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VIDEO: Kimber 2016 new products

IWA 2016 – Concerning handguns, the novelties from Kimber are the Micro 9 semiautomatic pistol, a pocket sized 1911, and the brand new Kimber...

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VIDEO: Kahr Arms and Auto Ordnance 2016 new pistols

IWA 2016 – from the Kahr Arms Group, some new semiauto pistols. The Kahr Arms pistols models K9, MK9, PM9 and P45 in various configurations and...

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The new CZ Shadow 2 competition pistol

IWA 2016 – In 2006, the new excellent CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow pistol was introduced, a pistol which soon dominated the...

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VIDEO: Uberti Cattleman 1873 new hammer Safety System

IWA 2016 – Uberti has finally introduced a new hammer safety system for its evergreen Cattleman 1873 Single Action revolver.
It is an hidden...

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VIDEO: Smith & Wesson M&P9 SHIELD and M&P CORE pistols

IWA 2016 - Two top M&P models pistols from the Smith & Wesson's Performance Center: the M&P9 SHIELD and M&P C.O.R.E. semiautomatic...

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FK BRNO Combat and Sport Field Pistols in 7,5 FK caliber

IWA 2016 – the FK BRNO company has presented the FK Combat and Sport Field Pistols, final versions of the prototype in the powerful 7,5 FK caliber...

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