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CZ TSR bolt-action tactical sniper rifle

Introducing the CZ TSR bolt-action long-range rifle: a 7,62mm/.308 caliber rifle, redesigned from the ground up on a lightweight aluminum alloy...

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Caldwell Pic Rail XLA Fixed Bipod

Caldwell Shooting Supplies – a Battenfeld Technologies, Inc. brand – offers the XLA line of bipods with two versions equipped with a Picatinny rail...

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Meprolight FT Bullseye

An interesting aiming system, hybrid between traditional sights and micro red dot sights, combining the best of both worlds


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Kimber K6s CDP and K6s Stainless 3" double-action revolvers

Kimber of America expands its K6s line of .357 Magnum caliber, double-action only revolvers with the launch of the CDP custom defense package model...

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Kimber Aegis Elite Pro and Hero Custom 1911 pistols

Kimber expands its line of 1911-style pistols for 2018 with the launch of the Hero Custom 1911 pistol and of a new version of the Aegis Elite Pro,...

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BLACKWATER AMMUNITION quick-mount Universal Silencer System for the AR-platform

IWA 2018 – the new born industrial venture Blackwater Ammunition announces a Patent Pending revolution in the field of intermediate calibers: the...

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BLACKWATER AMMUNITION introduces the first hybrid, aerospace alloy .50 BMG case and ammo

IWA 2018 – the new born industrial venture Blackwater Ammunition announces a Patent Pending revolution in the field of intermediate calibers: the...

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The Canik TP9 SF pistol among the finalists for the Danish Army

The Danish military is carrying on a series of trial tests that will lead to the selection of a new sidearm by 2019, and the Canik TP9 SF pistol is...

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