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UMAREX receives GLOCK License: two World Market Leaders join forces

Umarex announces a really exciting news: Umarex and Glock join officially into one of the most awaited partnership in the Gun Industry ever

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IWI US to phase out the original Tavor SAR

The X95 takes center stage: by popular demand, IWI US is to phase...

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Using Social Media to our advantage

Held in Rome on September 18th, the 'Using Social Media to Our Advantage' workshop organized by the World Forum on...

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The new Nitecore MH12GT tactical flashlight

The MH12GT USB-rechargeable flashlight from Nitecore provides a powerful output, a far-reaching throw, and all-out versatility for utility, EDC,...

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EU lead ammunition ban: don't panic!

Let's go back to the lead ammunition issue and the potential limitations that (in the future) could come from the European Commission

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Mossberg Patriot Scoped Combo Synthetic: ready to go, right out of the box

Also known in Europe as the Patriot American Hunter Package, Mossberg's entry-level .308 bolt-action hunting and sporting rifle comes factory-...

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Lead Ammo Ban: the EU is at it again!

Unhappy with the negative outcome of their attempt to ban a broad range of firearms from civilian ownership, the European Commission tries again...

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IWI Galil ACE: Israel's battlehorse, modernized

Manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries and now available to civilian shooters in north America and Europe alike, the...

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