Rifles & Shotguns


IWI DAN .338 sniper rifle

SHOT Show 2017 - IWI U.S. showcased the DAN .338 Lapua Magnum bolt-action long-range rifle, which is due to hit stores in north America and Europe...

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Kel-Tec KSG-25 shotgun: more barrel, more rounds

SHOT Show 2017 - Kel-Tec showcased the KSG-25: an extended variant of their compact pump-action shotgun, offering both extended barrel length and...

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Chiappa Firearms AK9 pistol and AK22 rifle

SHOT Show 2017 - Chiappa Firearms finally launched the previously announced AK-22 rimfire semi-automatic rifle and AK-9 semi-automatic pistol

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UTAS XTR-12 12-gauge/.308 combination gun

SHOT Show 2017 - It's finally here: UTAS USA showcases the XTR-12, a combination gun that can be converted from a 12-gauge shotgun to a .308 caliber...

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Springfield Armory SAINT 5.56mm rifle

SHOT Show 2017 - First announced in late 2016, "the SAINT" rifle from Springfield Armory has finally been officially showcased at the 2017 SHOT Show...

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The new Winchester SX4 shotgun

SHOT Show 2017 - Winchester introduces its new Super X-4 shotgun: improved, lighter overall, more fluid to swing, perfect for hunting or sport...

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Caesar Guerini Invictus I M-Spec Sporting shotgun

SHOT Show 2017 - The Italian company Caesar Guerini has introduced the Invictus I M-Spec over-and-under sporting shotgun, conceived for the most...

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Savage Arms MSR: the Modern Sporting Rifle

SHOT Show 2017 - Savage Arms introduces its line of Modern Sporting Rifles in .223/5,56mm and .308/7,62mm, offering high quality at an affordable...

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