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Beretta 80X Cheetah, the return of the classic .380 ACP pistol

SHOT Show 2023 – Beretta’s legendary Cheetah series of .380 ACP pistols lives again with the new 80X model, integrating the best and most advanced...

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Umarex debuts new T4E and Protect line products

SHOT Show 2023 – The Training For Engagement (T4E) and Prepared To Protect (P2P) products lines of Umarex get a big boost at the 2023 SHOT Show with...

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Browning Ammunition debuts new loads for 2023

SHOT Show 2023 – Browning Ammunition announces new entries in its vast catalog: the MaxPoint hunting loads and SUB22 subsonic rimfire ammunition...

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Bergara B-14 Squared Crest, a new high-accuracy bolt-action mountain hunting rifle

SHOT Show 2023 – Bergara introduces the B-14 Squared Crest bolt-action rifle, a versatile, high-precision and lightweight firearm for mountain...

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CZ A01-SD OR: the optics-ready, competition grade pistol

SHOT Show 2023 – CZ-USA introduces the new A01-SD OR pistol, a custom-grade all-metal pistol made to excel in competition

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The Sabatti Rover Varmint 'Custom Shop' rifle comes in the US

SHOT Show 2023 – Introduced in the US  the new Sabatti Rover VARMINT bolt-action rifle, realized by the Sabatti Custom Shop and ready for the...

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INFORCE Lights: new tactical flashlights, from Sellmark

SHOT Show 2023 – Acquired in May 2022 by the Texas-based Sellmark Corporation, INFORCE is now completely integrated with Sellmark's lineup of brands...

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