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New Winchester Ammunition Web Site and Enhanced Ballistics Calculator

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New Winchester Ammunition Web Site and Enhanced Ballistics Calculator

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Winchester Ammunition has launched its latest edition of the Winchester.com website, now an ever more dynamic source of information

The new website features an enhanced Ballistics Calculator, a Pattern Board™ and a redesigned Gear Store, with rich contents providing customers with the very best experience when learning about the Winchester brand and products.

We have made it a major priority to be a leader in the digital space, which is a major investment worth making,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing. “One of our core values at Winchester is a belief that success comes from continuous improvement and innovation. Whether it’s finding creative new ways to serve our customers, designing cutting-edge new ammunition products or in this case, providing the very best digital resources possible; innovation is a driving force behind all we do.”

The NEW Winchester.com Features

  • Mobile device friendly design
  • Personalized content, including articles, product videos, Winchester TV series, and short films
  • Product ratings, reviews, and seasonal promotions
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Technical product information, videos, and visuals
  • Complete list of product offerings and available calibers
  • Media resources download site
  • Dealer locator tool
  • Improved WinchesterGear.com store, featuring new items and an enhanced checkout process 

The NEW Winchester Ballistic Calculator Features

  • The calculator provides a visual graph that displays for shooters exact placement for their round of choice, with flight shown in increments as small as five yards.
  • Precise trajectory for hundreds of rifle, rimfire, shotgun, and handgun cartridges, bullet weights, and ballistic coefficients, including variations for sight-in range, maximum shooting distance, air temperature, crosswind, and even flight time can be put into a shooter’s hand with the Winchester calculator, letting him make useful side-by-side comparisons among five separate rounds.
  • Detailed statistics chart for fine-tuning your shooting to a degree unimagined not all that many years ago. The chart is printable in regular format or in a smaller version that a shooter can apply to his/her rifle stock to provide quick reference in the field.
  • Available as a free download for iPhones and iPads through your Apple iOs app, it can also be downloaded for free onto Android phones and tablets through Google Play; and it is scalable to fit any device.

Find the Winchester Ballistics Calculator on the new Winchester.com, or link to it directly at https://ballisticscalculator.winchester.com/