Ready for the SHOT Show!

The SHOT Show is approaching fast, and is preparing to give a look to what's new!

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VIDEO: Erik Prince talks at the Oxford Union Society

A video with an Erik Prince quite different from the one we were used to know when he was in the lead of Blackwater. Today, as a businessman, he...

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VIDEO: Kalashnikov KSZ-223 pump-action rifle

The Kalashnikov Group announced the Saiga KSZ-223 pump-action rifle – a manually-operated variant of the world-famous semi-automatic Saiga MK...

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Johann Fanzoj Gunmaker at IWA 2017

Johann Fanzoj, gunmaker: a name that since 1790 causes strong excitement in all those who can afford luxury rifles and shotguns of the highest...

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VIDEO: New Meprolight Sight Systems for pistols

The Meprolight FT Bullseye and the Meprolight Micro RDS are two new small, handy and effective sighting devices available for many different kind...

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VIDEO: Explorer Cases new professional gun cases

Explorer Cases, a brand of the Italian GT Line company, showcased...

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VIDEO: FESAC Chairman Stephen Petroni making a point on the EU Gun Ban

Stephen Petroni, Chairman of the Foundation of European Societies of Arms Collectors, spoke to us during the 2017 edition of IWA as the outcome of...

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VIDEO: Firearms United - Firearms Directive Reform Conference

Gun rights conference at the European Parliament.

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