• Norma V-MAX .17 HMR ammunition

Norma V-MAX .17 HMR ammunition

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Norma V-MAX .17 HMR ammunition

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SHOT Show 2019 – The Norma .17 HMR V-MAX ammunition expands the Company's rimfire line-up with a new, great entry for varmint hunters and small game hunters

Pedersoli 1886 Classic Sporting rifle
Norma V-MAX .17 HMR ammunition

Norma's new .17 HMR V-MAX load, adding to the Swedish company's already vast line of rimfire ammunition, has been conceived for varmint and small-game hunting.

This new ammunition will also offer the level of tremendous accuracy and hard-hitting performance all the way down to 200 yards (over 180 meters) that makes them apt for target shooting and competition as well.

Paul Lemke, General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA, said: "the .17 HMR has a very loyal following among hunters and target shooters alike.
With outstanding accuracy and excellent energy transfer, Norma’s new .17 HMR V-MAX lives up to the reputation of this blistering fast rimfire caliber.

Norma’s .17 HMR V-MAX is engineered to deliver high energy upon impact and for exceptional accuracy at rimfire distances.
It features a 17gr polymer tipped V-MAX bullet designed for rapid expansion and has a screaming fast 2560 feet per second (780,2 m/s) muzzle velocity.

Norma V-MAX .17 HMR ammunition
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