Kel-Tec KSG-25 shotgun: more barrel, more rounds

SHOT Show 2017 - Kel-Tec showcased the KSG-25: an extended variant of their compact pump-action shotgun, offering both extended barrel length and...

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UTAS XTR-12 12-gauge/.308 combination gun

SHOT Show 2017 - It's finally here: UTAS USA showcases the XTR-12, a combination gun that can be converted from a 12-gauge shotgun to a .308...

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The new Winchester SX4 shotgun

SHOT Show 2017 - Winchester introduces its new Super X-4 shotgun: improved, lighter overall, more fluid to swing, perfect for hunting or sport...

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Caesar Guerini Invictus I M-Spec Sporting shotgun

SHOT Show 2017 - The Italian company Caesar Guerini has introduced the Invictus I M-Spec over-and-under sporting shotgun, conceived for the most...

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VIDEO (promo): SDM AK-12s Tactical shotgun


AK-12s Tactical semi-automatic shotgun from Sino Defense Manufacturing, distributed in Europe by Prima Armi

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SDM AK-12s Tactical: the Saiga 12 alternative

Despite economic sanctions drying up the supply of Saiga and VEPR-style auto loading shotguns, shooters and gun enthusiasts still do have...

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VIDEO: Beretta 690 Field I, the distinguished hunter

VIDEO: presented as a World Premiere at the Game Fair Italia held in Grosseto just this past weekend, shooters and hunters have seen the launch of...

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