Rifles & Shotguns


CZ TSR bolt-action tactical sniper rifle

Introducing the CZ TSR bolt-action long-range rifle: a 7,62mm/.308 caliber rifle, redesigned from the ground up on a lightweight aluminum alloy...

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New Feinwerkbau 2800 .22 LR sport shooting carbine

ISSF competition shooters worldwide, rejoice! The...

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Two commemorative edition rifles to celebrate the 60 years of Chiappa Firearms

Chiappa Firearms introduces two limited edition commemorative 1892 lever-action rifles, to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary from the foundation...

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Astra Defense StG4 MKIII Karthago Commando

The "Karthago" series of semi-automatic rifles and carbines is the latest and greatest iteration of the AR-15 derivatives manufactured in...

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SDM M870 Adaptive Shotgun

The SDM M870 Adaptive Shotgun is a Chinese clone of the Remington 870 design, offering a touch of modernity that makes it desirable for shooters...

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Fabarm STF/12 tactical shotguns

SHOT SHOW 2018 – FABARM of Italy showcased the STF/12 line of pump-action shotguns, the tip of the company's spear and one of the world's most...

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F.A.I.R. shotguns: Iside Basic, Carrera One and SLX 600 Deluxe Black

SHOT SHOW 2018 – The Italian gunmaker F.A.I.R. hit the SHOT Show with a trifecta of classic, elegant and performing side-by-side and over-and-...

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Benelli Ethos Sport shotgun

SHOT Show 2018 – Benelli Expands the acclaimed ETHOS line of semi-automatic shotguns with the new ETHOS Sport models in 12, 20 and 28 gauges

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