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Mossberg 940 JM Pro 12-gauge competition shotgun

SHOT Show 2020 – Mossberg's new 940 JM Pro semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun, developed alongside world-renown shooters Jerry and Lena Miculek, brings...

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Walther Q4 Steel Frame pistol series

SHOT Show 2020 – New from Walther, the Q4 Steel Frame pistols series adds the sturdiness and the stability of a solid metal frame to the reliability...

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Savage Arms Renegauge semi-automatic hunting shotgun

SHOT Show 2020 – The first modern semi-automatic shotgun with a pure Savage Arms DNA, the new Renegauge is available in 12-gauge and four variants,...

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New Springfield Armory XD-M Elite pistols

SHOT Show 2020 – The new Springfield Armory XD-M Elite pistols offer a plethora of enhancement over the baseline models, for those users who are...

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KRISS USA Vector carbine in .22 Long Rifle

SHOT Show 2020 – KRISS USA expands the well-known line of Vector semi-automatic carbines, short barrel rifles and pistols with the launch of a new...

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The Colt Python revolver is back!

SHOT Show 2020 – After years of waiting, the legendary Colt Python revolver in .357 Magnum caliber is back, in full stainless steel, available in two...

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Umarex AirSaber PCP arrow rifle

SHOT Show 2020 – A new way to hunt: the Umarex AirSaber PCP air archery rifle uses compressed air to shoot a 23-inch arrow, with enough power to...

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