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The Colt Python revolver is back!

SHOT Show 2020 – After years of waiting, the legendary Colt Python revolver in .357 Magnum caliber is back, in full stainless steel, available in two...

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Umarex AirSaber PCP arrow rifle

SHOT Show 2020 – A new way to hunt: the Umarex AirSaber PCP air archery rifle uses compressed air to shoot a 23-inch arrow, with enough power to...

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Ruger-57 pistol in 5.7x28mm caliber

SHOT Show 2020 – The new Ruger-57 pistol in 5.7x28mm caliber offers user-friendly features in a poorly populated market segment

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Ferkinghoff International

An exciting 2020 start to celebrate 30 years of activity of Waffen Ferkinghoff, that from now on will operate under the new company name of ...

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Nitecore NTP30 and NTP40 Tactical Pens

Among the tactical pens offered by Nitecore there are two models in particular that stand out for their superior elegance, design, ergonomics and the...

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Glock introduces the G44 .22 rimfire pistol

The Glock 44 is Glock's first .22 Long Rifle pistol: manufactured both in Austria and in the US, the new G44 projects the legendary Glock brand in...

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Johann Fanzoj DRACON rifle: not just a hunting gun…

Johann Fanzoj‘s DRACON rifle: traveling into the World of Dragons, the famous Austrian luxury gunmaker brings the ancient idea of Guns & Art to a new...

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