Colt's new King Cobra .357 Magnum revolver

SHOT Show 2019 – Another chapter is marked in Colt's long history of success as the Company makes a great comeback in the field of .357 Magnum...

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Taurus TX22 semi-automatic pistol

SHOT Show 2019 – The Taurus TX22 semi-automatic pistol offers a killer look, a single-action striker-fired trigger on a polymer frame, and a...

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Chiappa Firearms Rhino Nebula revolver

SHOT Show 2019 – Chiappa Firearms introduces the new Nebula variant of its signature Rhino revolver, available with a Double/Single action or a...

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Mossberg introduces the MC1sc subcompact 9mm pistol

SHOT Show 2019 – A handgun... from Mossberg? Nope, it's not a mistake: in the year that marks its centennial, one of America's best known...

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Kel-Tec CP33 .22 Long Rifle competition pistol

SHOT Show 2019 – Kel-Tec's new CP33 rimfire sporting pistol is built around a PMR-30 frame, albeit departing greatly from its general outline and...

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Cabot Guns 'The Icon', a minimalist masterpiece

Cabot Guns 'The Icon' - a minimalist tribute to the simplicity of modern designs, this “iconic” 1911 Cabot Guns pistol is a challenge to the...

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New Glock G43X and G48 slimline pistols with silver slides

Glock introduces two new models to its line of slimline personal defense pistols line: the G43X and the G48 models, both with PVD silver slide ...

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Springfield Armory introduces the SAINT Edge Pistol

Springfield Armory's new SAINT Edge Pistol in 5.56mm combines the most popular features of the SAINT Edge rifle with the compact shootability of a...

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