Aimpoint Micro S1 red dot shotgun sight

SHOT Show 2017 - Aimpoint introduces another entry in its line of Micro-sized red dot sights for sport shooters: the Micro S1, specifically...

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Schmidt & Bender's new products for 2017

SHOT Show 2017 - New this year from German-based Schmidt & Bender are two tactical adjustment accessories specifically dedicated to the PM II...

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New Meprolight sights for 2017

The Meprolight FT Bullseye fiber-optic sights and the Meprolight Micro RDS reflex sight for pistols are among the novelties introduced by the...

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Leupold VX-6HD riflescopes and LTO-Tracker thermal vision device

SHOT Show 2017 - A new line of VX6HD riflescopes and an extremely interesting handheld thermal vision device LTO-Tracker are the core of Leupold's...

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Meprolight RDS Tru-Dot 1.8: Red Dot, Israeli style

Manufactured in Israel by Meprolight, the RDS Tru-Dot 1.8 is a red dot sight engineered to take a beating and keep working: let's take a look at...

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Z8i and X5(i) riflescopes: Swarovski's latest, and best

Austrian-based Swarovski Optik company launched the new X5(i) and Z8i riflescopes early on this year; now finally available worldwide, those...

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Trijicon MRO: a true miniature rifle optic

A positive compromise between low profile and high performance is possible: the Trijicon company offers the MRO miniature red dot gunsight,...

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Leupold D-EVO and LCO: the tactical team

I stumbled on the Leupold D-EVO almost by accident, in my search for a 1-6X variable scope to mount on my M4. I have soon realized that had to...

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