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The Canik TP9 SF pistol among the finalists for the Danish Army

The Danish military is carrying on a series of trial tests that will lead to the selection of a new sidearm by 2019, and the Canik TP9 SF pistol is...

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Remington files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The announcement came yesterday: Remington Outdoor Company announced a Restructuring Support Agreement with creditors for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy...

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Falke optics now available in the United States

SHOT SHOW 2018 – The German company Schmeisser announced the start of the distribution in the United States of their full line of Falke riflescopes...

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Fabarm STF/12 tactical shotguns

SHOT SHOW 2018 – FABARM of Italy showcased the STF/12 line of pump-action shotguns, the tip of the company's spear and one of the world's most...

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Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil

SHOT Show 2018 – With its presence at the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the German Ballistol brand reaffirms its leadership status on the global...

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Remington 870 DM

SHOT Show 2018 – With the Remington 870 DM, the quintessential American pump-action shotgun gets tactical through a detachable magazine

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Strasser RS14 Evolution

SHOT Show 2018 – the Austrian firm Strasser has introduced the Strasser RS14 Evolution, an upgrade of the existing RS 14 straight-pull hunting rifle...

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Ruger introduces the new Security-9 semi-automatic pistol

Another rugged, reliable firearm from Ruger: the hammer-fired, double-action Security-9 semi-automatic pistol offers a modern platform for the...

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