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Smith & Wesson issues safety recall notice for M&P12 shotguns

Following reports of barrels cracking in the field, Smith & Wesson issued a safety recall for the new M&P12 pump-action shotgun covering all samples...

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Beretta BRX1: the new straight-pull rifle

Beretta is back on the bolt-action rifles market… in style: the Beretta BRX1 is Italy’s first ever straight-pull rifle, boasting a stylish design...

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Beretta introduces the APX A1 Carry pistol

Beretta USA launches the new APX A1 Carry – a single-stack, 9mm subcompact pistol for deep-conceal carry, featuring an optics-ready slide and an...

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Smith & Wesson relocates to Tennessee!

Smith & Wesson officially announced that in 2023 most administrative, industrial, manufacturing, and distribution activities will be relocated from...

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Beretta M9A4 pistol

The new Beretta M9A4 is made in the USA, as a further modernization of the quintessential M9 pistol, featuring a factory optics-ready slide, a...

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Trailblazer Firearms Pack9 folding semi-automatic 9mm rifle

The Trailblazer Firearms Pack9 is a folding semi-automatic pistol-caliber carbine: chambered in 9mm and feeding through Glock magazines, its pivoting...

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CZ P-10F Competition-Ready: a new striker-fired pistol, ready for practical shooting!

CZ-USA introduces the P-10F Competition-Ready striker-fired pistol, optimized for practical shooting with features such as a nitride-coated barrel,...

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FN 502: FN America's first .22 Long Rifle pistol!

Meet the FN 502: manufactured for FN America by UMAREX of Germany, the FN 502 is FN America's first .22 Long Rifle pistol and the world's first...

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