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Umarex introduces the AirSaber Elite X2 double-barrel PCP arrow rifle

SHOT Show 2022 - The US-based branch of Umarex introduces the AirSaber pre-compressed pneumatic double-barrel air rifle, capable or propelling arrows...

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Derya ZY9 B6: a new personal defense weapon from Turkey!

SHOT Show 2022 - The Derya Arms company of Konya (Turkey) showcased the entire ZY9 B6 weapon system at the 2022 edition of the SHOT Show, in Las...

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Browning Ammunition: the new products for 2022!

SHOT Show 2022 - Browning Ammunition expands and upgrades its line of hunting, defensive and sport shooting loads with a plethora of new entries for...

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Smith & Wesson Volunteer XV series of AR-15 rifles

SHOT Show 2022 - Smith & Wesson introduces the Volunteer line of 5.56x45mm semi-automatic rifles: six new AR-15 variants, upgraded with some of the...

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Springfield Armory introduces the Hellion semi-automatic bull-pup rifle

Springfield Armory announces the 5.56mm Hellion semi-automatic bull-pup rifle, a civilian version of the Croatian HS Produkt VHS-2K assault carbine...

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Aimpoint introduces the Duty RDS red dot sight

Aimpoint of Sweden introduces a new micro red dot sight – the Aimpoint Duty RDS – mainly aimed to the military and law enforcement markets, but also...

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Smith & Wesson CSX micro-compact pistol: back to classic!

Smith & Wesson's first new product for 2022 is the CSX 9mm semi-automatic micro-compact pistol, a hammer-fired, alloy frame design that's not afraid...

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Savage Arms Stance, the micro-compact pistol making Savage handheld again!

Savage Arms introduces the Stance 9mm micro-compact selfloading pistol: conceived for personal and home protection and for concealed carry, it is the...

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