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VIDEO: Firearms United - Firearms Directive Reform Conference

Gun rights conference at the European Parliament.

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Against EU Gun Ban: the Firearms United conference at the European Parliament

The Firearms United network co-hosted the long-awaited conference on the proposed EU Gun Ban at the European Parliament in Brussels, on November 16th...

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Chiappa FAS AR611: the performant (entry level) competition air rifle

Manufactured by Chiappa Firearms out of a project designed by the famous Italian brand Domino, the FAS AR611 air rifle is intended as a quality...

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Gun Boss AR-15 cleaning kit for Black Rifles

Manufactured by the REVO Brand Group and made available worldwide thanks to the Brownells e-Commerce platform, the Gun Boss AR-15 compact, rod-type...

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Walther KK500: the end of a successful year

Walther introduced the KK500 bolt-action competition carbine in early 2016 – and is wrapping the year up with a rich Palmarès of high-profile...

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Brownells now sells complete guns!

Brownells now sells complete guns in the United States – and may soon start international distribution as well

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Fields of Battle Lands of Peace 1914-1918

A fascinating photographic book to remember the Great War battlefields and the men who died there

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Chiappa Firearms LA322 rifles: the total fun take-down lever guns

A more or less traditional lever-action rifle with a twist at modernity: this is the Chiappa Firearms LA322, a .22 rimfire takedown carbine

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