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SIG Sauer releases the P210 Carry pistol

SIG Sauer just announced that the eagerly awaited P210 Carry is shipping to retailers in the United States: paying homage to the foundational...

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Atlas Forces Rewold: a peculiar Turkish semi-automatic tactical shotgun

A Turkish company called Atlas Forces proposes a most unique 12-gauge tactical and sporting semi-automatic, gas-operated shotgun: dubbed the Rewold,...

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Walther PDP pistol series expands for all common red dot sights

Walther upgrades the PDP line of semi-automatic, striker-fired, polymer frame pistols with a new optics-ready interface that will make the...

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Blaser R8 Rimfire conversion system, now available in five calibers!

Blaser announces a new, broad range of alternatives for the R8 Rimfire caliber conversion system: your R8 straight-pull rifle can now be converted to...

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Winchester Xpert, the rimfire bolt-action rifle

SHOT Show 2022 - Winchester introduces the Xpert bolt-action rifle in .22 Long Rifle: an accurate, lightweight, versatile and budget-priced new entry...

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Books: The Guns of John Moses Browning

A new biographic book of John Moses Browning, a visionary inventor: one of the most prolific firearms designers of all times, and indeed the one who...

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MagPul Maztech X4: the future of fire control systems

SHOT Show 2022 - The collaboration between MagPul and Maztech Industries brings us the X4 electro-optical system: a future suite of accessories that...

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Auto-Ordnance introduces the Rally Cry 1911 custom pistol

SHOT Show 2022 - Auto-Ordnance, a Kahr Firearms Group brand, announces the Rally Cry 1911 custom pistol: a commemorative edition for the four years...

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