Gun Industry


Waffen Ferkinghoff launches the new online shop

Ferkinghoff Website and Shop: an informative, user-friendly and appealing shopping experience for sport shooters and hunters

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IWI announces the TAVOR 7 bullpup rifle and the MASADA striker-fired pistol

Israel Weapon Industries, Ltd. – an SK Group member and a global leader in small arms technology – is soon to introduce two new firearms to both the...

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UMAREX receives GLOCK License: two World Market Leaders join forces

Umarex announces a really exciting news: Umarex and Glock join officially into one of the most awaited partnership in the Gun Industry ever

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Using Social Media to our advantage

Held in Rome on September 18th, the 'Using Social Media to Our Advantage' workshop organized by the World Forum on Shooting Activities ends with...

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Change at the top of RUAG Ammotec

With an official statement, the RUAG Group has announced that from October 1st 2017 Christoph Eisenhardt will be the new CEO of the RUAG Ammotec...

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SIG Sauer P320 pistol: Voluntary Upgrade Program starts

Following records of accidental discharges, SIG Sauer is offering a voluntary upgrade program for all P320 pistol variants, and all P320 pistol...

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SIG Sauer P320 trigger issues: no rest for the wicked!

After SIG Sauer's announcement of a "Voluntary Upgrade" program for the P320 pistols in the hands of civilians and military or police operators...

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SIG Sauer issues voluntary upgrade of P320 pistol

P320 pistol meets requirements for industry and government safety standards; performance enhancements optimize function, safety, and reliability

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