Firearms Guide: the 8th edition is on Flash Drive!

Impressum Media is now distributing the eighth edition of its world-famous Firearms Guide, more complete than ever, and now also available on a...

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Why the Confederate Flag is not a racist symbol

Perhaps, looking at things from an external point of view provides a more detached and simplistic approach to facts. But I feel weird at writing on...

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Firearms Guide 8th Edition just published!

The Impressum Media publishing house announced the launch of the Firearms Guide 8th Edition, the world's largest gun guide, gun value guide and gun...

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Firearms Developed and Manufactured in Southern Africa 1949-2000: an outstanding treatise!

The modern history of southern Africa saw some of the world's most inventive gunmakers in action: today, following almost nine years of research, the...

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Johann Fanzoj Gunmaker at IWA 2017

Johann Fanzoj, gunmaker: a name that since 1790 causes strong excitement in all those who can afford luxury rifles and shotguns of the highest...

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The 7th edition of the Firearms Guide is available

The Impressum Media publishing house announced the launch of the seventh edition of the world-famous Firearms Guide, available in a DVD and On-line...

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Fields of Battle Lands of Peace 1914-1918

A fascinating photographic book to remember the Great War battlefields and the men who died there

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Thank You for Shooting!

With anti-gun zealots waging war against our rights, education of our children is an important topic we need to focus on in order to preserve our...

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