Alliant Powder Green Dot and Red Dot reloading propellants

SHOT Show 2018 – Alliant Powder announced the launch of new and improved Red Dot and Green Dot reloading powders

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Hodgdon Triple Seven FireStar

SHOT Show 2018 – The Hodgdon Powder Company announced the launch of the Triple Seven FireStar, a new pelletized propellant for muzzleloaders offering...

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Barnes new ammunition products for 2018

SHOT Show 2018 – Barnes announced several new entries in its long-range, hunting and handgun ammunition lines

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Winchester Hybrid X, USA Forged and WWII Victory Series

SHOT Show 2018 – New from Winchester Ammunition are the Hybrid X, USA Forged and WWII Victory Series lines of ammunition in 9mm Luger and .45 ACP...

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Winchester Deer Season XP Rifle and Deer Season Copper Impact

SHOT Show 2018 – Winchester Ammunition introduces several new loads in their Deer Season line of rifle ammunition: available in some of the most...

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Man survives a Head Shot!

This is not the first time it happens. The well known website The Firearm Blog has just released news about a quite astonishing event - yet not...

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Browning new hunting ammunition for 2017

SHOT Show 2017 - Browning Ammunition showcased several new rifle, carbine and shotgun cartridges for small and big game hunting

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Umarex ARX Ammunition for Air Rifles and Muzzleloaders

At SHOT Show 2017, the new Umarex ARX® ammunition will be introduced as a next generation of muzzleloading and airgun hunting bullets technology

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