• Norma HEXAGON high-performance competition ammunition

Norma HEXAGON high-performance competition ammunition

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Norma HEXAGON high-performance competition ammunition

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SHOT Show 2019 – Norma's HEXAGON is a new line of match-grade line competition handgun ammunition available in 9mm, .357 Magnum and .45 Auto

Pedersoli 1886 Classic Sporting rifle

Norma has announced the release of the HEXAGON line of match-grade handgun ammunition on the U.S. market. Already distributed under the Geco brand in Europe – both brands being owned and operated by RUAG Ammotec of Germany – and available in 9mm, .357 Magnum and .45 ACP, the HEXAGON ammunition optimizes the inherent accuracy of any handgun for those applications that require maximum precision.

Norma HEXAGON high-performance competition ammunition

Despite their hollow-point, segmented ball design, the Norma HEXAGON ammunition is not a frangible or expanding round.

Featuring a unique bullet design and an aerodynamic shape with six stabilizing grooves, HEXAGON delivers maximum accuracy and performance.

The Norma HEXAGON rounds are also loaded with high performance powders for extremely consistent velocities with each and every round.

RUAG Ammotec USA General Manager Paul Lemke said: "In an era where firearms manufacturers are advancing the accuracy capabilities of modern handguns year after year, our mission has been to deliver a line of match grade handgun ammunition that brings out their maximum performance. With HEXAGON, we’ve achieved this goal hands down. In our testing, groups of one inch or less at 25 yards is now a realistic expectation when using HEXAGON ammunition".

Norma's HEXAGON ammunition will be available in the United States in three calibers and configurations: 9mm Luger, with a 124-grain ball; .357 Magnum, with a 180-grain ball; and .45 ACP, with a 200 gr ball.

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