Nitecore NTC10, NEB10 and NEB20: the unexpected tactical bags

The new Nitecore NTC10 Tactical Bag and the NEB10 and NEB20 Excursion Bags represent a practical solution for gear storage, short trips or every-day...

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Maxpedition AGR Lithvore backpack

The Maxpedition Lithvore is an all-around backpack, the latest entry in the Advanced Gear Research line of Maxpedition's top-end products

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LabRadar: the future of ballistic chronographs

Manufactured in Canada, the LabRadar is a cutting-edge ballistic chronograph based on a Doppler radar technology – a real breakthrough in its segment...

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Nitecore TM03 CRI and TM28: the new Tiny Monsters

Nitecore introduces two new models in its TM line of flashlights: the TM03 CRI and TM28 are true "Tiny Monsters", offering a staggering 2.600 and 6....

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HOGUE: new Flat Dark Earth gear bags

Hogue, Inc. announces the expansion of its already popular line of pistol and rifle bags with the launch of thirteen new models in Flat Dark Earth

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ArmBrace Type G1: an Easy-Go stock for the Glock!

Austrian engineer Wilhelm Bubits introduces his Type G1 ArmBrace: a well designed, solidly built stabilizing platform that provides increased...

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Radar 1957 5115-2801, a very tactical shoulder bag

In the Radar 1957 holsters catalog we have found the model 5115-2801 shoulder bag – a tactical bag conceived for everyday or professional uses, and...

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Caldwell Ultra Portable Target Stand Kit

With the Caldwell's Ultra Portable Target Stand Kit, outdoor shooters have a practical solution to set their targets at their own will, on different...

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