Alien Gear ShapeShift Holsters, with a fan in!

SHOT Show 2018 – Alien Gear Holsters unveiled a variant of their ShapeShift modular holster system with a built-in active cooling fan

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Wiley-X Hayden and Titan

SHOT Show 2018 – New Wiley-X Hayden and Titan sunglasses and tactical glasses: excellent construction and protection

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Lyman Brass Smith Ideal reloading press

SHOT Show 2018 – The new Lyman Brass Smith Ideal from Lyman Products is a compact reloading press, “ideal” beginners, as well as a companion press...

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New Nitecore products for 2018

SHOT Show 2018 – Nitecore starts the year with new products like the Concept 2, P16 TAC and R25 flashlight, plus the NTC10 tactical case and the BP20...

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G-Outdoors G.P.S. M/L Range Bag

SHOT Show 2018 – G-Outdoors introduced the new G.P.S. M/L Range Bag: offered at a good price point, it stands among the crowd of similar products...

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Fenix TK72R Flashlight

SHOT Show 2018 – The Fenix TK72R is an high-power and rechargeable flashlight designed for professional use

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Nitecore P16 TAC, the precise tactical flashlight

The manufacturer calls it the "ultimate lighting tool for tactical and hunting applications"; marketing exaggerations aside, the Nitecore P16 TAC...

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Wheeler Master Roll Pin Punch Set

From Wheeler Engineering, a Battenfeld Technologies group brand, comes the Master Roll Pin Punch Set: a full set of pin punches specifically...

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